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At the breakup of a marriage, it is common for people to feel angry, hurt, and fearful. In this emotional state, it is easy to get caught up in a costly and lengthy divorce "war," in which both parties and their children lose.

Fortunately, there are now other options available, such as mediation and the collaborative process, which help divorcing couples resolve their conflicts through the mediation process or through the use of a collaborative team, and both of these methods are considerably less stressful and less expensive than going to court, and also allow the parties to take a more active role in reaching a solution that they can live with.

How does Mediation work?
In mediation, the parties meet together with our attorney-mediator, Pamela Roberts, to discuss their situation and the goals they wish to achieve. With the assistance of the attorney-mediator, the couple will explore the areas of agreement and disagreement, determine what is needed to move forward, how to minimize the stress on the family resulting from separation, and how to co-parent the children effectively. There is also a mutual exchange of information concerning the parties' community property assets and debts, as well as their respective earnings and expenses, with the goal of eventually reaching a written Marital Settlement Agreement that is signed by both parties and submitted to the Court. Learn More about Mediation.

How does the Collaborative Approach work?
The Collaborative Process has been designed to allow each party to have his or her own attorney and coach, who will work together as a team, often with a financial specialist and/or child specialist, all of whom have received specialized training to assure that the settlement and negotiation process stays balanced, positive, and productive. As with mediation, the parties will engage in a mutual exchange of information, with the goal of eventually reaching a written Marital Settlement Agreement that is signed by both parties and submitted to the Court. However, with the Collaborative Approach, the couple is provided a much greater degree of professional support and expertise than through any other process. Learn more above the Collaborative Process.

What if these options don't work for us?
If neither the mediation nor the collaborative approaches are suitable or appropriate, the couple may choose to seek relief through the traditional adversarial court system, which provides the parties with the opportunity to present their issues to a Judge, who then renders a decision, after hearing evidence and testimony.

What services do we provide?
Our attorney-mediator Pamela K. Roberts has been practicing as a family law attorney and mediator since 1983, and has extensive training and experience in all aspects of divorce, mediation, and collaborative law.


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