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Divorce - Family Law
We Offer a Non-Adversarial Approach to Issues of Child Custody, Support, and Property Division

At the break up of a marriage, it is common for people
to feel angry, hurt and fearful. In this emotional state
it is easy to get caught up in a costly and lengthy divorce "war," in which both parties, and their children, lose. Fortunately, there are options, the best of which
involve resolution of the conflict through the Mediation
or Collaborative process. When parties cannot reach agreement through the process of mediation or through the use of a collaborative team, the court system is the remaining option available to the parties. The adversarial process of divorce allows parties, either through independent counsel or by representing themselves, to present their issues to a Judge who renders a decision. The issues for most divorcing couples are the determination of child custody and the creation of a parenting plan, the division of the community property and establishing child and/or spousal support. The
law office of Zitomer & Roberts offers experienced
legal counsel available to consult with and represent
individuals who seek representation.

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